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Aidan & Vicky Series


I Remember You
(Book 1)

Aidan is tough, self-assured and suffering from amnesia. The only person who knows her heart, Vicky, can’t tell her that they were childhood lovers, even when Vicky is asked to hire her.

Vicky is the CEO of a multi-million dollar health system, being targeted by terrorists hell bent on blowing up her hospital. (Book 1 of the A&V series)

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Remember It’s You I Love
(Book 2)

Aidan & Vicky are on a mission called, Operation Pink Knight, where they must enter a war zone in order to rescue Aidan’s second love, and first fiancée. It comes down to a volatile standoff between them and the enemy, and Aidan must choose which woman to save. (Book 2 of the A&V series)


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Remember, You Love Me
(Book 3)

Planning a wedding with one fiancée, losing herself to the sexual advances of her other fiancée, Aidan is torn between love and duty. Through no fault of her own, Aidan is caught up in a love triangle, and must choose which woman she will marry. But that's not Aidan's only problem. She must save her fiancée, Vicky, from a particularly nasty stalker, who as it turns out, is Aidan's own father. But how can she concentrate on just her, when she is also engaged to Samantha, who Aidan believes she left behind, during an insurgent attack in Iraq. Samantha spent a year in captivity, and the only way she could survive the horrific treatment, was to think of Aidan.  (Book 3 of the A&V series)

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Read the 1st chapter!You are Cordially Invited to Remember This Day
(Book 4)

In book four of the Aidan and Vicky series, Vicky has the wedding of her dreams, outside on the parking deck of the hospital, not knowing that the weather threatens her happy nuptials. Harold isn't gone yet, Samantha may lose her baby, and Ruth and Kate come to a long term agreement.

It's chaos among the calm, romance among the distractions.  (Book 4 of the A&V series)

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Remember, It's Our Honeymoon
(Book 5)

In book five of the Aidan and Vicky series, the newlyweds travel to Ireland for their honeymoon and trouble follows them. Secrets revealed, espionage, danger and lust. The perfect honeymoon.

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I Wont Remember You
( Book 6)

Aidan and Vicky return from their honeymoon and prepare for trial. Aidan had been asked to testify for the offense, but Aidan’s father, Harold, has a few evil tricks up his sleeve that puts Vicky on the witness stand as well. And it’s not just Harold that causes chaos in court. Aidan’s mother suddenly appears, sending Harold over the edge. 

Who will live, who will die, and who will walk through those courtroom doors next? This is not your ordinary trial.  Buy it now!


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