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My name is Mairsile and I write lesbian novels, mostly romance and intrigue with happy endings. If that's something you would enjoy reading, please take a look around.

Currently, all my books are for Kindle on Amazon, but they have a free app for that.


Better the Devil You Don’t Know, Cause to Burn, Connect the Dots & Family Ties



No Rhyme or Reason

Houston Police Detective Katrina Wiles was at church to hear her newly ordained brother give his first homily, when she was attacked by a woman strung out on drugs. Instead of arresting her, she gave her a place to stay… her place.

Jane Doe, the woman strung out on drugs, awoke in the hospital to learn that she had been raped, had completely lost her memory, and her fingertips had been burned off. The only person who could calm her anxieties was Detective Wiles.

Together, the two must solve the mystery that points them toward murder and human trafficking. Will the many twists and turns bring them closer together, or further apart? Buy the book!

Riches to Rags Series

Riches to Rags
(Book 1)

A bad-girl billionaire, accepts the ultimate challenge from a waitress, and gives up all her money, expensive toys, liquor, and women, to live in a run-down building, working at a barbeque restaurant. She only has to last thirty days, and suppress her growing feelings for the waitress. Just thirty days, but to a billionaire, that's a lifetime. This is a multi-first-person point of view novel. Now in paperback! Read the first chapter for free or Buy it now!


Amazon Top 100 Best Seller in Lesbian Romance.



Combining Riches
(Book 2)

Blackie and Chris set up house together in a romantic mansion by the river, where the paddlewheeler greets them in the morning, and the golden rays of the setting sun, dance on the river for them in the evening. They work on their first pay it forward case, which is more of a favor for a close friend. And Chris meets the man she hit when she was drunk. Her guilt becomes so great that Blackie is afraid that the very special Valentine’s Day she has planned for them may not happen. Book two of the Riches to Rags series. This book is a multiple person point of view. Read the first chapter for free or Buy it now!

Amazon Top 100 Best Seller in Lesbian Romance.


Separating Riches
(Book 3)

Blackie and Chris, and their entourage, travel to San Francisco for their next pay it forward case. While in college, an inebriated Blackie got a student expelled and now she wants to make amends. But things don’t go as smoothly as she thought they would, and she ends up in a compromising position that has Chris running home to her mother, and Blackie being blackmailed. Book three of the Riches to Rags series. This book is a multiple person point of view. Read the first chapter for free or Buy it now!

Amazon Top 100 Best Seller in Lesbian Romance.


Christmas Riches
(Book 4)

If you were a billionaire, what would you spend your money on for Christmas? Blackie and Chris invite family, friends and employees to spend a magical week at their mansion for Christmas. In true Blackie Blackstone fashion, the sky is the limit when it comes to buying toys for the kids, and surprises for the adults. Their parents' have made other plans for Christmas day, leaving Chris a little off balance, and a promise to Chris is making it difficult for Blackie to fulfill a Christmas wish for her wife.

Note: this is a novella meant to stand-alone from the Riches to Rags series, though it is numbered to include it in the series. This is a multiple person point of view. Read the first chapter for free or Buy it now!



Aidan & Vicky Series


I Wont Remember You
Aidan & Vicky Book Six

Aidan and Vicky return from their honeymoon and prepare for trial. Aidan had been asked to testify for the offense, but Aidan’s father, Harold, has a few evil tricks up his sleeve that puts Vicky on the witness stand as well. And it’s not just Harold that causes chaos in court. Aidan’s mother suddenly appears, sending Harold over the edge. 

Who will live, who will die, and who will walk through those courtroom doors next? This is not your ordinary trial. Read the first chapter for free or  Buy it now!




Stand Alone's




JackpotKenny, a struggling college student, also is supporting her ailing grandmother. She wins the largest lottery in Arkansas history and rapidly develops a reputation for exuberant spending and wild parties. Life is good, until the downside of suddenly becoming the latest millionaire uncovers a dark family secret. She must choose her friends carefully. They will need to work as a team to find the person or persons who have taken her grandmother.

Chelsey, a new employee, is attracted to the tall woman that sat down to eat lunch with her and her new friend Sophie. But their introduction is suddenly interrupted by the luck of the draw. It would be weeks before she could continue to develop her friendship with Kenny and even then their relationship needs to take a back seat to the search for Kenny's grandmother. Buy the book!




Oil & Vinegar

U.S. Marshal Hettie Quinn was having a bad day. She and her partner were not making much progress in their attempt to catch a sex offender who preferred children. There was no love lost between her and her new boss, who took every opportunity to put her down in front of her fellow officers. Now, her day was made even worse when he informs her that she is being transferred to Witness Protection Division.

Connie Yarbrough-Morrison, shy, depressed and still grieving over loss of her wife, who was killed two years ago. Finally, she has found the strength and desire to return to work. But a horrific incident has forced her into the Witness Protection Program. Determined to see that justice is served and that she will be able to hold on to her self-identity, she reaches out to the one person she knows can help her find her way back.

Hunted across several states by a ruthless killer, the two women must remain close, even as they push each other away. Sparks fly between them as they fight against their growing attraction for one another.

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Breaking into Prison

Breaking into PrisonTrudie Youngblood, a successful author with a movie franchise based on her award winning novels, had everything; fame, money, and a wife who loved her. Then the unthinkable happened. Her wife was murdered leaving Trudie so devastated that she became a shut-in. Unable to leave the confines of her home, she lives with her dog and cat, allowing very few people into her inner-circle. 

Annie Nichols is the service tech for the ultra-modern building where Trudie lives behind her lock door. A routine work order introduces Annie to the reclusive writer and opens up a world of love and danger. Annie, a reservist in the Air Force Military Police, must use her skills to discover the identity of the stalker who has caused the beautiful author so much pain. Read the first chapter for free or Buy it now!



See No Evil

In ten years a worldwide catastrophe no one was prepared for, will inexplicably change life as we know it. Ranger Mackenzie Mason, a Park Ranger in the Grand Canyon, has to stop a diabolical plan to kill the Major General in charge of the South Western portion of the nation under Martial Law. But Mackenzie was injured by the anarchists, and it is up to Hannah Cumberland, a registered nurse at the canyon hospital, to nurse her back to health. The attraction was instant, but they had many obstacles to scale first, not the least of which was Mack’s blindness, and her dogged determination to save her mother, the Major General.

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Also available in paperback



Booker James: The Case of the Blood Red Rose

Booker James: The Case of the Blood Red Rose

Booker James: The Case of the Blood Red Rose involves a private eye hired by a lawyer to investigate a murder/suicide of a nurse who works at a nursing home.

Booker takes the job before she learns that her girlfriend, who just left her for another woman, is the suicide she signed a contract to investigate. But was it a suicide or a murder?

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Attis: A New Beginning

Attis: A New BeginningBernie and Angela loved each other deeply and swore that nothing could keep them apart. But Bernie held one lifelong dream; to be an astronaut, and sail her spacecraft among the stars. FATE intervened when she was given the opportunity to fulfill that dream and command her own shuttle. She promised to return to her lover, her wife, as soon as her mission ended. But once again fate intervened. Would they survive the events that threatened their lives so that they could find each other again?

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Consequences (Blood of Pharaohs Book 1)

Click here to buy.Nikki erased Lilah’s memory three years ago to protect her from her violent world, but now Nikki’s sire has sent her to be Lilah’s bodyguard because her life is in danger from the very thing she was trying to protect her from. Can Nikki protect her without revealing her love for her? Can she discover the sinister plot against her beloved Lilah before it’s too late? This vampire will sacrifice everything to save the woman she loves, including her own sanity.

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It Happened Over the Holidays

It Happened over the HolidaysA chance holiday meeting, followed by a second unplanned holiday encounter, leads to a series of adventurous holidays for Bobbi and Lynsey. They find themselves drawn closer to each other with each meeting, yet dare not expose their painful secrets that could bring their fun filled holidays to an end. 

Secrets that are revealed just before their mission to a war zone, putting their relationship in peril. The life of a child hangs in the balance. Read the first chapter for free or Buy it now!

Amazon Top 100 Best Seller in Lesbian Action and Adventure.

The Younger Twin

Maci and Madi are twins, but not your normal sisters. One is seven weeks older than the other, and one can see through walls. Maci was hit by a car after she discovered medical fraud, and lies in a coma at the very hospital she works at. Maci’s spectral self must find out who is trying to kill her, and enlists the help of her sister, an FBI agent. Maci finds that being a ghost can be fun, but that fun is spoiled when the person who attacked her is back to finish the job. (This is a novella)

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It's Not Nice to Frack with Mother Nature

A meteorologist and a geologist meet in a bar, and... 

A chance meeting in a bar brings a new passion to the chaotic lives of a storm chaser and an earthquake enthusiast. When these two women make love, the earth quakes and the winds howl. But there’s a dark past that keeps one of them from embracing their love. And the other embarks on a reconnaissance mission to expose an illegal fracking operation. Will the earthquake swallow up the tornado, or will their love conquer all? Buy the book


Warrior Series

Generations of Women Warriors: Battle of Pea Ridge, American Civil War
(Book 1)

First in a series chronicling the life and times of women in a family, who fought in historic battles and loved in historic times, though both could get them killed. Temi, at age 17, finds herself pregnant, in love with a girl, and staring down a cannon, in this epic tale of growing up during the Civil War.(Book 1 of the Warrior series)

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Generations of Women Warriors: Battle of Amiens, The Great War
(Book 2)

The next generation in the second book of the series, finds the daughter of Temi and Robin, in France during WWI, fighting for her life, as German tanks rumble toward her.(Book 2 of the Warrior series)

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